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Level of emotional intelligence among a sample of Sultan Qaboos University students and employees according to Wakeman scale

(On behalf of Mohammad Ali Aldhadhh and Souad girl Mohammed Bin Sulaiman)


This study aimed to investigate the level of emotional intelligence among a sample of students and employees of Sultan Qaboos University using Wakeman scale to assess its discriminating capabilities among the subjects of the studied sample due to age differences. Furthermore, this scale also introduces in-depth and surface interpretations for both emotional intelligence scale aspects, depending on practical framework for two desciplines, non-cognitive self-management and social skills. After translating the scale, validity and reliability grades were calculated. The instrument was applied on a random sample consists of (246) students and employees (male and female) in the Sultan Qaboos University, taking into consideration the distribution of the sample into four age groups. Results showed that the level of emotional intelligence is in the scale high level. The results of ANOVA showed significant differences between age groups in both of scale dimensions. The results of multiple comparisons showed significant differences in both dimensions in favor of older ages. Depending on the discussion of these results, it could be concluded that the scale has the capability to discriminate between the groups of age variables. Key Words: Age, college students, emotional intelligence, employees.