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Medically Important Arthropods Infesting Some Exotic Birds and Mammals in the Makurdi Zoological Garden in Benue State, Nigeria

(Omodo E.. Ie., Aaourulaha ing. T and S Adilose.)


This study investigated ectoparasitic fauna of some Zoo inmates in Makurdi, Nigeria. Ticks were collected using the hand picking and hair brushing methods while fleas, mites and lice were collected by combing and brushing the entire animals8217; body unto a white cloth soaked in chloroform. A total of 32 animals (mammals 37.5% and birds 62.5%), were examined for ectoparasites and 1110 ectoparasites were collected. The mammals accounted for 58.3% of infestation compared to 41.3% in the birds. This difference was statistically significant (X2 = 8.55, df = 1, P < 0.05). Lice were the most common ectoparasites found to be infecting the Zoo animals surveyed, accounting for 46.0% of all ectoparasites collected. This variation differed significantly (X2 = 2.41, df = 3, P < 0.05). The ectoparasites encountered in this study belonged to the following genera, Tick (Amblyomma hebraeum, Amblyomma variegatum, Boophilus and Argas persicus), Lice (Goniocotes gigas, Lipeurus caponis and Linognathhus), fleas (Ctenocephalides and Echinophaga gallinacea) and mites (Sarcoptes and Dermanyssus gallinae). The zoonotic implications of the infestation of Zoo animals with ectoparasites that are capable of transmitting animal and human diseases are discussed. Key Words: Zoo animals, Ticks, Mites, Ectoparasites, Makurdi.