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Study of Counter Current Dissolved Air Flotation/Filtration COCODAFF Process in Treating Drinking Water

(Salwa Mustafa Hajar and Nadia Abdel-Salam Aarod)


In this research it was experimented water treatment process called Counter Current Dissolved Air Flotation Filtration COCODAFF. This new method relies on adding dissolved air flotation process to the water above the filter bed. The advantage of this process is flexibility; thus, it can use direct filtration mode, and the COCODAFF mode. Research has shown an increase in the maximum raw water turbidity value (four times) and the maximum surface loading value (tow times) that can be applied, in COCODAFF units. The results indicate that it could reduce the number of filtration units by about 50% when using the new COCODAFF units. Key Words: COCODAFF; flotation; drinking water; dissolved air.