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Study of the Impact of Tunneling and Bridges Projects on the Residents of Areas Surrounding these Projects

(Attiya bin Mohammed Aldioufa Atawi)


Saudi Arabia is witnessing a rapid and significant growth of cities and urban population accompanied by a boom of construction transportation projects seeking to provide the infrastructure for these Saudi cities. These projects (roads, tunnels and bridges) are among the most important undertakings by Saudi cities. The construction projects related to the Transport Sector are important due to their direct effects on the daily lives of city dwellers. The implementation of these projects is so time-consuming that it may exceed several months beyond the projected timetables. Additionally, there is a high financial cost associated with the transport sector projects. Based on the above factors, it is clear that the importance of a study of this nature gains prominence from its aim to identify the impacts of transportation projects on the residents surrounding the projects. The King Fahd Road in Dammam has been selected as a case study because the road has witnessed many significant infrastructure work on its bridges and tunnels as well as on projects on intersections with its main roads. Interviews were conducted with residents of areas surrounding the projects to explore their views on the impacts of the projects on their livelihood at different stages of the projects (before implementation, during implementation, and after the completion of the project). This study concludes that the population living in the study area would be adversely impacted by the implementation of these projects.