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The Investigation of Student s Views and Knowledge about the Implementation of Advanced Technologies in the Design of Buildings

(Behzad Sidawi)


The revolution in communications and networking computer technology in the second half of the 20th century has paved the way for a number of advanced technologies such as e-business and e-commerce and smart technologies to emerge. These technologies have affected the way that building industry and specifically architectural practices conduct business, communicate and design buildings. E-business and e-commerce tools have helped practices to market their products and to integrate their business systems with their partners-in-business. Smart tools are embedded in building s structure or inside the buildings, not only to aid residents with special needs but also to provide a comfortable and sustainable environment to all types of residents. The importance of the advanced technologies: smart and e-business and their effect on the work environment and building design are noticeable around us. There is an increasing implementation of these technologies in buildings and they are considered as one of the design factors that would affect the final design product. However, the author s observation of the design studios at college of architecture, King Faisal University showed that students do not implement these technologies in the design projects. Thus, a survey was launched to explore student s awareness of these technologies and whether they consider them in design projects. The survey showed that architectural students have little awareness about these technologies and how they can be considered in architectural design of buildings. This paper demonstrates the survey findings and explains why students do not implement the advanced technologies in architectural design. It makes recommendations of how to incorporate these technologies in the educational curriculum. Keywords: smart technology, smart homes, the Internet, e-business, e-commerce, design studio, pre-assessment, prior knowledge.