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Short Communication The Incidents of Human Brucellosis in Al-Ahsaa area, Saudi Arabia

(Ahmed Mohamed Ali and Ahmed Mohamed Alluyemi)


Brucellosis is worldwide zoonotic disease. In Saudi Arabia the disease is endemic in almost all the country. The records of human brucellosis in the past five years (2000-2004) were examined to evaluate the extent of the incidents in Al-Ahsaa area. The study examined the possible impact of the compulsory vaccination program which was enforced by the Ministry of Agriculture in reducing the human brucellosis. The records of the years 2000-2004 of human brucellosis was obtained from the Department of Preventive Medicine, Al Ahsaa Health Authority on basis of Age, Sex, Nationality and locations of Al Ahsaa area. The analysis of variance indicated a significant reduction in brucellosis incidents (P> 0.001) by year 2004. The incidents of human brucellosis was significantly (P> 0.01) higher in males than females. Al-Solimanieh and Al-Arquiqah, a two different locations in Al Ahsaa area, recorded the highest percentage of human brucellosis. This is the first study that report the human brucellosis in Al Ahsaa area and has confirmed the continuation of brucellosis incidents in Al-Ahsaa area. However, the rate of the disease has decreased with years. The significant decrease in the brucellosis incidents could be due to the enforcing of the vaccination program. The results urge for the stringent enforcement of the animal vaccination program to prevent the transmission of the disease to humans. Key Words: human brucellosis, Al-Ahsaa, vaccination, Saudi Arabia