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Analytical Analysis of the Relationship Between Air Transport Variables and Urban Growth in Saudi Arabia

(Ahmed Jarallah Al-Jarallah and Hassan Ibrahim Al-Ghadeer)


The transport Industry is considered one of the important elements of the social and economic development، it also might increase the urbanization rate. Previous studies focused on the impact of the airports on social and economic development as well as on current problems of air transportation. They applied many analytical techniques such as (descriptive statistics, correlation, and regression). However. little attention has been paid to study the impact of airports on the urbanization rate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Therefore، this study aimed to analyze the relationship between air transport and urban growth in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Secondary data have been collected about local and international airports، and urban population growth rate from 1413 to 1426 (1993 - 2006 m). Urban population growth rate was used as a dependent variable، while 16 variables related to the characteristics of air transport were used as independent variables. Regression analysis has been employed to determine important variables raising urbanization rate in the thirteen regions of the Kingdom. Using Geographic Information Systems GIS to establish a map shows that there was a clear variation among the thirteen regions of the Kingdom in urbanization rate. In addition, Findings showed that the most important variable which determine urbanization rate was the capacity of air fright. Accordingly, recommendations for further studies have been suggested. Key words : Air transportation, Urban development, Regression analysis, Geographic Information System GIS, kingdom of Saudi Arabia.