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The Interior Design General Taste Characteristics of Contemporary Housing in the Kingdom of Bahrain

(Udai Ali Al-Juboori)


Architecture is still able to stimulate taste, senses and vision. Taste directs individual behaviour based on a specific reference located in the mental structure of the recipient. Thus, taste mediates objectivity relations and individual behaviours. Accordingly, it legitimizes the arrangements and differentiation (class, symbolic, and cultural) without any apparent clash between classes. Although taste distinction is inherently paradoxical, it has the benefits of reconciling any divergence between recent preferences (fashionable) and the work one genuinely perceives as an outstanding object of taste. This research discusses the characteristics of the interior design public taste of contemporary houses in the Kingdom of Bahrain reveal the most prominent features that make up the overall taste of the interior design, and identify differences in taste between individual's and real estate developers' designs in Bahrain. After conducting a field survey of 42 samples, the study, identified significant differences between the two designs, where the relationship with the past played a central role in this differentiation. The work recommended using its findings to maintain the local identity and improve trade opportunities of real estate developers. Key Words: Architectural taste, Habitus, Interior architecture.