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The Exact Time of Arafat Day

(Bags bin Mohammed Yahya Bikdash)


This research discusses Arafat Day Attendance. It discusses the consensus of Muslim legal scholars on the attendance of Arafat day, the evidence, and the consensus of Muslim scholars is that attendance time ends at dawn of the tenth day of Dulhijjah, but the starting time of attemdance is controversial. There are two positions here: Hanafis, Malkis and Shafi is say it starts at midday of Arafat day, while Hanbalis say it starts at dawn of the same day. The research also discusses how long a Muslim must stay in Arafat. Hanafis, Shafis and Hanbalis say a moment of the day or the night is sufficient, while Malikis say a moment of Arafat night is sufficient. Attending the day and the night for those who stood at day time is obligatory for Hanafis and Hanbalis, but Shafis see it optional, while Malikis see it obligatory whether attrendance was at day or night.