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List of Flower-visiting Insects Collected in Baghiar-beel, Madaripur, Bangladesh on Some Flowering Plants



Baghiar-beel is situated in the flood-plain ecosystem at southern part of Bangladesh, which is endowed with rich flora and fauna including various types of flower-visiting pollinating insects. During the present study the bees of the following genera were collected from the studied area, which include Lasioglossum, Ctenonomia, Nomia, Megachile, Nomada, Amegilla, Tetralonia, Xylocopa, Ceratina, Pithitis, and Apis. In addition, there also collected many genera of wasps i.e., Chrysis, Scolia, Delta, Eumenes, Polistes, Chalybion, Tachytes, Stizus, Philanthus and Cerceris, as well as flies and other insects from the flowers.