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Youth Religious Belief Deviati

(Abdullah Mohammed Ahmed Hariri)


This study deals with youth behavioral and belief deviations and the methods of modifying these deviations from the perspective of Islamic education. The study aims at diagnosing these deviations and identifying them using principles and view points of Muslims scholars. This study also aims at identifying the most effective means of handling these deviations. A descriptive analytical approach is adopted in conducting this investigation. The researcher has reviewed pervious literature to see what has already been covered in this area of investigation hoping to build a solid theoretrical background and to focus effort on areas that have not yet been studied. The investigator, has then classified youth deviant behaviors and specified the seriousness of each pattern of behavior. It is found that these deviations could be attributed to social, economical, and cultural reasons. The study then has proposed a number of suggestions to deal with youth problems. It is proposed that youth behavior should be checked? continuously and their energy should be channeled to serve constructive activities. It is also proposed that youth should be kept away from extremism and erroneous beliefs. Affiliation to religion and home land should be encouraged and reinforced.