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The Interaction of Pesticides with Bioenergetic Processes and Protein Kinases in Cell Biology

(Mahmoud Masoud Oboualsaad, Abdaezz)


Since the chemiosmotic theory was proposed by Peter Mitchell in the 1960s, a major objective has been created to elucidate the mechanism of coupling of the transmembrane proton motive force. Recently, significant progress has been made towards establishing the complete structure of ATP synthase which is the master enzyme in the bioenergetics in cell biology. ATP synthase contains a rotary motor involved in biological energy conversion. Respiratory complexes in mitochondria and eubacteria, and photosynthetic complexes in chloroplasts and photosynthetic eubacteria use energy derived from the oxidation of nutrients and from light, respectively, to generate a transmembrane proton motive force (pmf). Numerous pesticides were found to interact with the processing of bioenergetics in cells to inhibit ATP formation.